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From the President’s Desk - by James Ireland

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Hello Fellow Mustangers:
I am getting more excited day by day anticipating the upcoming year serving as president of the Central Arkansas Mustangers. I have been a faithful member of CAM since 1988, and have always been there for the club, but this is my first turn as an officer. I’m excited and ap-preciate those of you who elected me to this position. With your help, we’re going to have a great year.
I like cars, period. But I’ve really liked Mustangs since 1964, and have owned one consecutively since 1983. Some of the Mustangs I have owned have been: a 1966 coupe, a 1970 Boss 302, a 1974 Ghia, a 1979 Pace Car, (a 1981 Capri RS Turbo), a 1983 GLX convertible, a 1988 GT convertible, a 1994 GT convertible, a 2001 Bullitt GT, a 2003 Roush, and I currently own a rare Saleen S81 coupe.
I encourage each of you, including former members as well as new members, to get as fired up as I am about the upcoming year. I hope to see you all at the meetings, still gathering at Grady’s, and plan ac-tivities together. My hope is to continue to have a fun activity each month leading up to our 29th annual show in October. See you at Grady’s on the 14th.



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